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Photoshoot with Marlow Rae, Capitol Hill, 23 September 2017

Rain City Collective came to life at a concert, and music will always be featured prominently in our work, but our broader goal is to focus on the Pacific Northwest arts/creative scene. On 23 September 2017 we got the opportunity to make that a reality by working with Seattle model and musician Marlow Rae. It was a great experience. Marlow took a chance on us, an unknown entity in the editorial/fashion world, and we're grateful. In hindsight, that willingness to take a risk is easy to understand. Their confidence, creativity, poise, and professionalism makes any photographer's job a lot easier.

We learned about Marlow through Seattle photographer Invisible Hour's Instagram feed. We took one look at that Furiosa look and got in touch for a photoshoot. We were hesitant to mention that draw, but we worried for nothing. Marlow Rae is a fan of Furiosa and does not begrudge the comparisons.

We shot in a couple of locations in Capitol Hill. Marlow created the look. The shots below were taken by Scott (sbhopper). Our friend Edyn also got behind the camera and got the day's best shots. We'll update this with a link to those after Edyn and Marlow post them. We can't wait to work with Marlow again.