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Behind the Scenes: Winter Solstice Photoshoot with Heather Edgley and Sarah St. Albin

We had a great time working with Heather Edgley, Sarah St. Albin, and Ryan Hendrickson to create content for their upcoming Winter Solstice Masquerade at Ballard's Conor Byrne. This was the second event we've helped them with. We love the energy, creativity, professionalism, and humor they pour into their events. It's also a great opportunity for us to develop our skills and strengthen our ability to help people realize their creative vision.

As usual, Tony did the heavy lifting for Rain City Collective on this photoshoot. He worked closely with Heather and Sarah to coordinate the logistics and discuss the objectives. On the day of the shoot he hauled a ton of gear over to what we've started referring to as Edgley Studios. Planning complete, it was time to shoot, and Tony was in his element.

It has been pretty cool to watch first-hand as a photographer hones his craft. When I met Tony about a year ago, he was already a really good photographer, but in the past few months he's taken things to a new level. It's almost as if he's assembling a jigsaw puzzle, combining his camera proficiency, lighting knowledge, and research into posing techniques to make his vision a reality. He's moved from taking photographs to creating incredible imagery.

We can't wait to post some of the finished photos here on the site. For now, I've added a few behind the scenes images (slideshow) from a fun day of shooting. I hope we'll see you at the show. (I usually post individual images, but I decided to give the gallery/slideshow feature a try. If you've got time and feel strongly one way or another, please let us know in the comments whether you prefer individual images or the slideshow.)