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Kings of Cavalier

Last month (how has it already been a month?) I helped out on Seattle photographer Edyn Byrne's photoshoot with Seattle band Kings of Cavalier. Edyn graciously agreed to let us post some of the photos here.

Edyn shot the photos at Capitol Hill's Corvus and Co. I learned a lot helping out. I didn't realize how much more challenging it would be to shoot four people. It makes sense, of course, but you're definitely aware of it in the moment.

I wasn't all that familiar with the band before the shoot. It was immediately apparent that they're good friends. There is a lot of trust and camaraderie there, something you want to convey in the photos. But that also means that they're interacting with one another and the camera. Despite the challenges, we think Edyn came away with some awesome shots.

Thanks for letting us post them here Edyn and Kings of Cavalier. (I've added in one photo I took later at a Kings of Cavalier show at the Black Lodge.)