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Tim's Tavern with LUWUM, IWIWAPB, Anna St. Lee, and Brianna Skye and the Dark Clouds

I think that's now the longest title on the Rain City Collective blog. I finally made it to Tim's Tavern. There are good dive bars and there are bad dive bars. Tim's is a good dive bar. They make it easy to stop in and catch some live music. Minimalist setup and fast, friendly service.

I saw on Instagram that Anna St. Lee was doing a solo set there Friday, and that there'd be three other acts (LUWUM, I Wish I Was a Punk Band, and Brianna Skye and the Dark Clouds), so I headed over. Unfortunately, I had to bail before Brianna Skye and the Dark Clouds took the stage. It was cool to see I Wish I Was a Punk Band. He plays drums for Datenite. Turns out he also sings and plays the guitar. He joked that Datenite doesn't let him sing. That earned him an icy look from Anna St. Lee.

No real writeup today, just wanted to post some of the photos from the show. Maybe experiment a bit with Squarespace's gallery options and file sizes. (Photos by @sbhopper for Rain City Collective.)