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Benefit for Legal Voice @ Conor Byrne

Another night, and Scott my partner (in Rain City Collective) and I got together. We hit up the local El Borracho to give us the sustenance to get us going for the nights events. We got there a bit early to get our cameras setup and our eyes warmed to what and how we wanted to shoot for the evening. It had been a while since I've gotten out and shot bands at a venue. Had to wipe a little rust off. I always mean to go out and connect with musicians more often but life loves to grab you by the neck and wrangle you out of your goals.

Sarah of Sarah St. Albin who brought this whole event together, started off the evening just her and her keyboard before she brought out the rest of the band. A singer songwriter, she writes and sings heartfelt lyrics. You feel like you get to spend a little bit of time with her and hear her thoughts on a deeper level with what she experiences as an artist and in life. When you meet someone for the first time you don't always get to converse past the hello, nice to meet you, what's new, ect. When you listen to Sarah's lyrics you get to break down the walls and hear a little vulnerability; her fears, aspirations, and hardships.


At times it can be dark, emotional and inspirational. But most importantly it feels honest and sincere. In between songs she'll pepper in a little back story to connect you to what the songs are about. If you get a chance to see her live, keep your ear out for her song Juliet as it has become one of my favorites with this being the second time I've seen her play live. 

Next on the lineup was Arthur James. This was an artist that I had no idea what to expect. Just him and his acoustic guitar he had a subtle calm vibe about him. With long black hair and an intensity in his eyes you got the sense he was very comfortable on stage. Gettting us into his groove he played some darker minor chords while he introduced himself and commended the efforts for this event; A benefit for Legal Voice.

He started us off with his first song "Liars". The lyrics hook you in right away along with a rich deep voice. I won't give away the first lines, hopefully you get the chance to hear them live yourself. But before the song was over he surprised us and let loose the full potential of his voice and belted out in a higher register. That was it, I was fully engaged, this guy had the whole package. Great songwriting backed up by great vocals. Be careful, he'll knock you out with his 1-2 combo and you wont be able to dodge it! He continued the night with some some relaxed humor between songs. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this set. I look forward to seeing him again, you should get out to see him if you can! 

Closing out this night was the ever amazing Tobias the Owl. Sometimes a full band other times Elijah (their singer) by himself. This being the third time I've come to their show, they were on fire this particular night. The full band synced up well and you could just tell everyone was really feeling it.

What I really love about Tobias the Owl is how interactive and connected to the community they are. Elijah always gives off a considerable amount of appreciation and gratitude to the people he works with. It makes it a pleasure to watch how he interacts, whether live at shows or online with social media. You get the sincere feeling that he's thankful for all the folks he mingles with along their journey. It ends up bringing everyone else's interactions up. I look up to that kind of generosity. Ironically I met my friend and fellow photographer Scott at the last show I shot for Tobias the Owl and quickly found this awesome web of people, friends and musicians. Tobias the Owl has their music being played on the radio and many of their songs being listened to thousands of times online so they are clearly doing something right! They were a perfect fit for this benefit always taking a chance to be of service and connect over something greater than just themselves.


To learn more about what Legal Voice does visit http://www.legalvoice.org/work. To make a donation and support Legal Voice visit  bit.ly/1KKuudt


This event helped put into perspective the bigger picture for me what Scott and I want to do with this site, with photography and with this rainy city we call Seattle. We hope you will join us on our adventure as we continue to explore and connect with the passion this city has to offer. Talk soon