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An Evening at Capitol Cider with Sarah St. Albin and Heather Edgley + the Nobodies

I don't like cider. I do like Capitol Cider, especially their downstairs Ballast Bar. I guess you could call it a basement, but it's cozy and inviting, not dank. I've been there a handful of times to hear music and book readings. I think I might have even been there to catch some of the 2016 election returns. I'll steer clear of politics, but it's safe to say that the mood on Capitol Hill that night was more sour than any cider.

On Wednesday I headed over there to hear Sarah St. Albin and Heather Edgley + The Nobodies play. At this point I could just as easily say I went to hang out with some friends. I've seen several of Sarah's and Heather's shows, I've met Heather's bassist Andrew Gemkow, and I got to catch up with some familiar faces in the audience - Claire Michelle and Joseph Dane.

The Ballast Bar is a great place to hear some good music, especially when one lives in a shoebox-sized apartment. It's the next best thing to hearing live music at a house show. Sarah and Heather were, as usual, awesome. Two very talented piano playing singer-songwriters.

~Scott (@sbhopper)

The following gallery, in order: Sarah St. Albin, Sarah St. Albin, Heather Edgley, Heather Edgley and The Nobodies drummer Matt Coleman, and Heather Edgley with Heather Edgley and The Nobodies bassist Andrew Gemkow.