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Ear to the Sound: Antonioni


Antonioni conjures big sounds while facing down dark emotions on their fantastic release, The Odds Were All Beating Me. Their new EP is filled with swirling, layered instruments, creating a dense, kinetic sonic landscape. It's an engaging and compelling musical composition, but it's also a very personal, moving set of insights into life and loss.

The entire EP is wonderful, and once you start listening, you'll be immediately hooked. Each song takes a journey of unexpected twists and turns. The passionate, soaring vocals of songwriter, Sarah Pasillas are buttressed by tight guitar licks played by Pasillas and guitarist Austin Dean. All the while, Kyle Todaro (drums) creates driving rhythms that power through the textured waves of each song. It's a bold vision for an EP, but "The Odds Were All Beating Me" is an astounding success. Antonioni creates lush, dream-pop like sounds and executes them with audaciously imagined, full, guitar-based rock. 

But although the musical execution is powerful, the emotions conveyed on The Odds Were All Beating Me are the lasting, resonant impact of this EP. The songs touch on an array of issues ranging from love, isolation, depression, identity, and hope. "Where is your patience?" Pasillas asks on the stand-out track, "Stutter Step". "A twist of the cap, and I'll try to get better." On the opening track, "Creature Feature", she asks, "Is it worth it to dig dirtless all the soil of yourself when these paths you’ve made all lead to blame?" Pasillas raises a lot of questions about trauma and recovery, and in the face of tribulation, she offers a voice of consolation and commiseration with anyone who has ever dealt with personal demons. The music of Antonioni perfectly complements the themes of Pasillas' lyrics. The result is a collection of songs that will make you feel very deeply.

In summary, Antonioni is poised to make a name for themselves that will be as massive as their sound. The swell of instruments and diverse landscape of songwriting draws upon a complex set of emotions. Like the stories and subject matter, there are no simple messages in any of the songs, but that's what makes The Odds Were All Beating Meso resonant, beautiful, and profoundly human.

Catch Antonioni at the EP release for "The Odds Were All Beating Me" on January 10th at Chop Suey with Salt Lick and Velvet Q. You should also check out their newest single Stutter-Step here.