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Ear to the Sound: DATENITE

Photo by  Alyssa Brandt

Datenite has struck upon a diverse set of influences and amalgamated them together to create an incredibly powerful sound that transcends any one genre and fuses the best elements of several styles. The result on their debut release, "The Sleepover EP", is beautiful sonic alchemy. It's a compelling debut, with rich tones and full production, built on a strong foundation of incredible songs.

It's in fact, hard to put a genre label on "The Sleepover EP". The collection of songs embraces ethereal sounds, storytelling, and pensive lyrics, while cinematic instrumentation sculpts each track into a nuanced topography. The voices of dual vocalists, Anna Steinle and Caroline Calaway, invoke deep emotions and fuse seamlessly in exquisite harmonies. The passionate vocal performances alone are reason enough to love this EP. But the melodies and textured instrumentation are skillfully driven even further by the percussive energy of Phil Hamilton (drums and percussion) and Garrett Parker (bass). The album is also masterfully produced by Mathieu Riede of L453RL4Dy (pronounced "laser lady") Studio. The production is clear and sparkling, but it never overshadows the music or instantly resonant emotions that pour out of each song. The standout track, "Lonesome Blues" is a perfect example of how many elements of musicianship and artistry are woven together by Datenite. While this band may be best classified as "pop", "The Sleepover EP" is an example of how good pop can be when it's done right.

It's appropriate that Datenite is releasing "The Sleepover EP" on Valentine's Day. These are songs that you'll fall in love with, and each track is a haunting journey, filled with secrets of love and loss. Though the voices of Steinle and Calaway soar throughout the EP, the tenderness of the lyrical content is never lost. On "Runaways" Steinle and Calaway beckon, "Get lost with me until the sky is bright. Come with me. It'll be all right". The more mournful track, "Too Close" creates an even more intimate space, with the duo resonating, "Please don't say it's over. Please don't let me go." The breadth and expressiveness of emotions on "The Sleepover EP" is perhaps Datenite’s greatest achievement on their debut release. The songs paint an emotional landscape in vivid color.

In summary, "The Sleepover EP" is a breathtaking, passionate, articulate collection of songs that are ethereal and layered, but still warm and instantly relatable. This is music that you need in your personal playlists. It's an ambitious, but fantastic collection of well-written and thoroughly realized songs that will make you dance, sing, and most importantly, feel.

Listen to thier new EP HERE.

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Photo by Phillip Johnson

Photo by Phillip Johnson