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Single Shout-Out: Deify's "Silent Killer"

Deify. Photo: Tony Hammons.

Deify. Photo: Tony Hammons.

Deify’s Silent Killer

Elijah Dhavvan and Dustin Saksek

On their fantastic new single, "Silent Killer", Deify digs even deeper into their rock roots. As with their previous body of work, they conjure the spirit of heavy rock, while adding a fresh take. But this is a further evolution for the band, embracing an even more stygian tone. The track is a brash, unapologetic portrait of a world held at gunpoint, and marches along with a pulsing, distortion-driven heartbeat.

In the first verse, lead singer Duncan Byargeon growls out the austere lyrics: “Bow down all you citizens. I dare you to speak up again. I’ve got this bullet for your back.” Sonically, it's a darker turn for the band, but far from embracing oppression, "Silent Killer" is an analytic, self-aware lens on the violence and division that is spreading throughout the world. The latest Deify EP, So Far Away, was a compelling display of the band's signature, sludge-filled, hard rock tones. If "Silent Killer" is a harbinger for their evolving sounds, then we're in for even more powerful proclamations of rock in their future work. Catch the single release show this Thursday, April 11th at Conor Byrne wtih Run the Risk, and Lucas Tayne.

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