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Single Shout-Outs

Here are some of the singles that we’ve fallen in love with. We think you will too!

Single Shout-Outs:

Rain by Wrong Way at the Roundabout

Windows by Lyle

Silent Killer by Deify

Rain by Wrong Way at the Roundabout

Wrong Way at the Roundabout makes all the right turns on their first, outstanding single, "Rain". The song is an infectious ear worm and a powerful, impressive debut. The silky smooth and passionate vocals of Tiffani Werre confidently underscore the emotive highs and catchy melodies of the track. Tom Wade lays down a really fun, moving bass track, joined by Josh Brockmeyer on the drums to drive the song with a tight beat. The layered guitars of Richard Laquer and Xavier Salinas dance back and forth around the central riff with interweaving textures making the song a really satisfying listen. This is a band with incredible musicianship, and the track is absolutely stellar. It's a really taut execution of a superbly-written song. Catch Wrong Way at the Roundabout live on May 9th at Columbia City Theater at the release party for "Rain", where they'll be joined by Whalien, The Salmonberries, and The Drifter Luke.
Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/514841438921015/