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Ear to the Sound: Hannah Abrams

Hannah Abrams. (Photo: Kaitlyn Mendoza)

Hannah Abrams. (Photo: Kaitlyn Mendoza)

You may not know it yet, but by reading this, you've saved a bunch of time. I just discovered your newest favorite artist for you.

Hannah Abrams’ new EP, Today I Feel, is a full, moving, mature, compelling release. The songs are well-crafted, with catchy hooks and pop sensibilities, but also convey deep wisdom and pithy insights on life and love. Each song is skillfully crafted and each ends just a little too soon---soon enough to leave you wanting more, which is the mark of a great release.

Abrams' vocal performance is one of the highlights of the EP. Her voice is clear and polished, but tender and warm at the same time. On the track "Moonchild", she gently croons, "Someone is knocking on your front door... Let me be your home..." On the more poppy "It's All Up From Here", Abrams rings out the chorus, singing "Soldier on and have no fear..." Throughout Today I Feel, she explores a rich, emotive depth, skillfully lifting her vocal delivery in each cadent chorus.

The entire EP also has an excellent topography of powerful highs and sombre dips in dynamic range. Individually, each song is fantastic, but taken together, the songs convey a finespun, articulated journey. You'll love each track, but you'll also savor the full, emotional voyage throughout Today I Feel.

Today I Feel is a stunningly beautiful, well-crafted, and thoroughly satisfying collection of songs by Hannah Abrams. Check her out on May 15th at her release show at the Conor Byrne Pub with The Drifter Luke and Gabriel DeLayne, and visit her website at HannahAbramsMusic.com. You'll be glad you did.