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Single Shout-Outs: Stephanie Mae's Dying for Your High

Stephanie Mae. (Photo: Annamarie Cosio)

Stephanie Mae. (Photo: Annamarie Cosio)

In her catchy, electronic-infused track, "Dying for Your High", Stephanie Mae conjures an emotional journey sculpted from a story of love and addiction. It's a fantastic song, highlighting Stephanie Mae's passionate but polished vocals, with a sheen of fantastic, shimmering production. There's a definite pop influence, but the song is moving, nuanced, and textured.

The video deepens the song's message, with references to addiction that are particularly poignant. Mae's performance is a particular highlight. She sidesteps the overplayed love themes and instead focuses on the spiral of addiction and turmoil of the main character's journey. It's a haunting visual and sonic performance with the backdrop of Seattle's cityscape thoughtfully woven into the video.

Stephanie Mae is also a force of nature in her band's live performances. Catch the full band at their next live show on 8/15 at Barboza opening for Eastern Souvenirs and La Fille.

Here's the video link: https://youtu.be/QLjyl0pcNJA