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Single Shout-Out: "New York" by Wolfchild


If you've heard Gabriel Wolfchild's music or the music of his band, Wolfchild, you know that there's a timeless quality to his tunes. His resonant voice as a songwriter echoes themes of warmth and love that speak across generational boundaries. Their latest track, "New York", tells the story of Gabriel's paternal grandfather and his journey across an ocean in flight from political persecution in Russia. The city of New York---a community with a rich past and a dynamic present---is an apt mirror for Wolfchild's music.

The new track is the first release off the forthcoming album from Wolfchild, "The Earth as Seen from the Moon". If this is a harbinger of the band's next effort, fans have good reason to anticipate a stellar record. The ethereal, full production by Eric Lilavois is a real highlight of the track. He's helped to capture the next phase in Wolfchild's maturation as a band. David James' warm guitar licks round out the soundscape, with a lush full sound. The skills of the entire band are on display as well, including bassist/vocalist Mia Faye and percussionist Elion Truthheart. The care and musicality woven into this track signify a step forward for a band with an already impressive catalogue.

The song is also an inspiring message for the evolving national identity of the United States. We've faltered in living up to the ideologies of a nation that once warmly welcomed outsiders. The song is a reminder of what the United States once represented to refugees from around the world. "New York" rings out a beacon of hope as a reminder of what the United States once was, and what we can provide for immigrants again if we embrace love, rather than fear.

Check out the new track, by Wolfchild on their Spotify page here. And check out their next show, at Neumos on 7/18, when the band will be playing a benefit show for the Yellowhammer Fund. Proceeds will go to support the Yellowhammer Fund, which assists patients who need access to abortion in states like Alabama, where reproductive rights have recently been curtailed.