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Single Shout-Out: "World's Fair" by Medejin

Photo credit: Eric Luck

Photo credit: Eric Luck

We've been waiting for the right time to shine a light on Medejin for a long time. Their live sets are a torrent of taut musicianship and emotive performances, led by Jenn Taranto, one of the most talented vocalists in the region.

With their new release, "World's Fair", Medejin opens up a new chapter in their band's journey. We absolutely loved Eleni, their 2018 release, which showed the band to be a powerhouse. "World's Fair" expands their signature sound. It's just as musically powerful, with a more textured, tonally thick, ethereal sound. But the song preserves what the band does best: compelling melodies, tight rhythmic changes, and a precise, but elegant vocal line amalgamated into a moving track with plenty of ear candy.

Just like a lot of the music of Medejin, "World's Fair" combines a lot of diverse influences into a cohesive sonic experience. The song feels at once contemporary and timeless. The driving rhythm is at the same time accessible and nuanced. Taranto's vocals stand out as expansive and celestial, but still detailed and passionate. It's an impressive track that says that Medejin has a lot to say as a band.

Medejin is a tremendous musical force. You'll be moved by their music, and their live sets are not to be missed. Catch them on August 15th, 6 pm at the Olympic Sculpture Park with one of our other favorite local acts, Tres Leches. Listen to their new single here.