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Ear to the Sound: "The Whole Truth" by Abby K

Photo by Kittenteeth

Photo by Kittenteeth

Abby K's latest release, The Whole Truth, is a fantastic compilation of songs artfully crafted and honestly delivered. It's more than just a great collection of tracks. It's also a cohesive, persuasive statement on the voice of Abby K as a gifted artist and a moving songwriter.

The songs are thoughtfully arranged around Abby's intimate, nuanced vocal performance, with resonant choruses and haunting melodies shining through. The arrangements are unpretentious, but captivating. It's an aptly-named record, with a transparent delivery around the powerful central melodies, sung in Abby K’s airy vocals.

But the songs are also fully actualized, with accompaniment that compliments, but never overshadows the brilliant songwriting at the core. The list of artists contributing to The Whole Truth is impressive, with an all-female roster of musicians, including some of the most talented artists in the region, like Heather Thomas, Stephanie Anne Johnson, Lydia Ramsey, Marina Christopher, and many more. The Whole Truth is a compelling statement on the massively talented community of womxn musicians in the region.

Abby K's 12 songs shine in a spectrum of emotions that is often sweet and sometimes forlorn, but always sincere, with pensive ruminations on love and loss. Songs like "The Same Blue" and "My Foolish Heart" are lyrical and musical stand-outs among the rich tapestry of songs, but there are plenty of quotable aphorisms of wisdom woven throughout the record, including songs like "Nothing More Whole", in which Abby opines, "There's nothing more whole than a broken heart".

To summarize, The Whole Truth is a rich songwriting journey and an outstanding musical achievement. Check out the release show for The Whole Truth at the Conor Byrne Pub on Saturday, September 21st. It's one of our favorite venues, and Abby K will be playing with Pineola and the Jelly Rollers. And follow Abby K's music at abbykmusic.com.