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Ear to the Sound: Smokey Brights

Photo credit -   Quinn Russell Brown

Photo credit - Quinn Russell Brown

Full Disclosure: I have been a Smokey Brights fan for a while now, and there's plenty to love in their entire catalogue. But the new EP, Different Windows, may be their best release yet. If you don't know Smokey Brights, you should get to know them. They're the quintessential counter point to anyone who complains that there's no one making good music anymore.

Different Windows is a rich sonic experience---all at once accessible, refreshing, and poppy, while drawing upon legendary influences and passionate musical talent. The vocal harmonies invoke hints of Buckingham/Nicks, and the clean, colorful guitar licks are reminiscent of Johnny Marr, but the compositions feel like they'd be at home with the songs of MGMT or Phoenix. The result is a diverse mix of influences and taut songwriting, creating a sound all their own.

The EP feels both nuanced and familiar at the same time, with levels of musicality that are instantly compelling, and sonic nooks and crannies that are still captivating after multiple listens. Even after releasing two previous, incredible albums, the band makes some daring, ambitious choices on the new EP that show that Smokey Brights isn't afraid to stretch their wings and expand their sonic landscape. The risks pay off, and the evolving sound makes Different Windows an EP you need to hear.

To summarize, Different Windows is as much a product of technically proficient musicality as it is passionate expression, and Smokey Brights brings an ambitious collection of songs to life in a really cohesive, superb musical experience. If you haven't already become a Smokey Brights fan, then you're not paying close enough attention to these rising stars. But now is the perfect time to jump on board.

Check out Smokey Brights at The Neptune on December 6th.

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